I can show you how to break free from your small business persona and step into the big leagues by asking yourself one super important question...


(What Would a Big Business Do?)


You know that something is missing, right?!?

You're the best at what you do...

If you could just get some traction under your business,  you'd be killing it...

But instead, you're wondering why your competitors seem to be taking off  when they're not doing a fraction of what you do.

You know that if someone could just tell you the exact steps you need to take to get your business to the next level, you'd be all over it...

Well, I've got the secret sauce that you've been looking for...

Oh, Hello CEO

Yes, I'm talking to you... because you're about to step into your big business CEO role, and a few important things are going to happen:

  •  You're going to start attracting big business clients...
  • You'll start qualifying for big business funding...
  • You'll getting introduced to big business opportunities

... And the good news is, you're only 4 powerful modules away from doing it all...


The Credibility Project teaches you how to transform your business from a small operation to a real commercial entity and to reap all of the benefits that come along with it.

For only $37 I'll teach you how to:

  • Build a big business persona that makes potential customers, investors, and banks think you're worth a million bucks
  • ​Obtain "Big Business" funding to free up your cash flow
  • ​Use your additional cash flow to grow your business to the next level

Here's What You'll Learn Inside The Program

  • Lesson 1: Why you're really stuck in small business mode
  • Lesson 2: Real Business Credit vs Fake Business Credit
  • Lesson 3: The Credibility Roadmap- How to break free from the "small business" trap
  • Lesson 1: The 4 Business Bureaus & How to Work Them to Your Advantage
  • Lesson 2: Build, Monitor, & Nurture your Business Credit Profiles
  • Lesson 1: Big Business Persona Overview
  • Lesson 2: Build Your Big Business Persona Step-By-Step
  • Lesson 3: Keep Your Story Straight Online & Offline
  • Lesson 1: Build Your Big Business Credit Strategy
  • Lesson 2: Setup Accounts with Starter Vendors that Make Sense
  • Lesson 3:  Expense Shift,  Increase Your Cash flow & Grow Your Business

PLUS...6 Amazing Bonuses to Supercharge your Big Business Transformation

Lifetime Access to Your Credibility Project Course Portal

11 jam-packed lessons walk you through the process of creating your credible business persona and how to use that persona to grow your business to the next level. One payment & benefits for a lifetime... You'll always have access to the tools and resources you need to crush your Big Business Goals!

($497 Value)

Access to my personal Big Business Resource Hacks

My WWABBD? Resource Guides provide you with all of my favorite big business hacks. You'll have access to everything you need to build your big business persona and look like a big business without spending big business money.

In this section you'll find resources for...

  • Entity formation...Get your business legally setup like a big business
  • Virtual office...Set up your big business location presence
  • Website, phone service, digital marketing, and so much more...

($99 Value)

Credibility Project Trello Board

Stay organized with all of your course materials, downloads, and bonuses content all in one place. No need to search all over the place for course resources, they're already laid out for you and organized in a way to maximize your results. I'm helping you Fast-Track your way to your Big Business Persona!

($99 Value)

Access to My Starting Lineup Credit Vendor List

Learn what vendors will grant your business credit easily regardless of your personal credit, time in business, or revenue.  This is your business credit kickstarter... You'll learn how to use different types of business credit to not only start building your business credit, but how to use them to free up cash flow and grow your business.

In this section you'll find vendors for...

  • Office supplies
  • Computers & Electronics
  • ​Fuel & car maintenance
  • Websites & Digital Marketing
  • ​Retail store & online boutique supplies
  • ​Packaging & Shipping
  • ​Ans so much more...

($297 Value)

Interactive Tools & Checklists to help streamline your Credibility Building Process

An Interactive WWABBD? Checklist, Credit Strategy Building Templates, Expense Shifting Template, and a "Magic Payment Window" Calculator to help your business soar to the next level as quickly as possible

($399 Value)

Personalized Business Credibility Report Card

Learn what lenders and potential customers really see when they research your business.  We go deep into telling you about your business presence and how it's impacting your ability to attract new customers, but also to get funding. this powerful tool covers your online reputation, your website, your social media reputation, your digital footprint, and your customer reviews and analyzes how all of these things are impacting your business.

($497 Value)


PLUS: You get access to a special bonus training "Strategy Bootcamp: How to put all the Pieces together" ($499 Value)

Inside of the bonus training I'll teach you how to:
  • How to build a Fortune 500 Business Strategy...Say "goodbye" to that small business plan
  • ​How to develop a real execution plan that's going to position you to take action instead of spinning your wheels...this is how big businesses map out their daily, weekly, and monthly activities and stay organized when reaching their goals
  • ​How to stay accountable by putting metrics into place that are going to make crushing your business goals FAILPROOF

This all sounds great right?!?  But I know you may be wondering, who's teaching you all of this stuff, and are they actually qualified?

Meet Your Business Credibility Coach

Kendra J. Lewis, The Boss Architect

Hi! I'm Kendra! A business funding & strategy expert with over 10 years of experience helping entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies launch, grow, and scale their businesses.

I've coached over 100 small businesses through successful launches and helped them acquire millions in funding collectively. I know or thing or two about business funding since I worked as a small business and commercial banking specialist for almost a decade, during which I closed over $1 billion in business loans.

I specialize in business turnarounds, and as a matter of-fact, I've led several multi-million dollar business transformations for some of the largest brands in the world.

I'd like to think that my biggest claim to fame has been launching over a dozen new private label brands for one of the largest retailers in the US.

But my biggest passion is applying the same strategies and techniques that I use for large corporations to help small business owners scale to 6 figures and beyond.  Just like I've done for my own businesses.

It's Time to Stop Dreaming of a Big Business... Let's do this!

 Small Business Owners, dreamers, future fortune 500 CEO, If you who are looking for the "Big Business Strategy" to transform your business...You are in the right place!

Check out what my course insiders think about the Credibility Project...


  • An ACTION TAKER and you're ready to take your business to the next level
  • Ready to step into your CEO Role
  • ​Adamant that your business has million-dollar potential, and you're ready to claim it!


  • You're absolutely, positively OKAY with being stuck in small Business Mode
  • You don't really believe that your business has the potential to be successful
  • ​This whole business thing is just a hobby, and you're not really ready to go all in

Just know that no matter where you're starting, a "Big Business" is within your reach...

I’m a small business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that should have been free.

I’m extremely proud of this program, and I know anyone who buys  and implements the training will be thrilled with their purchase.
That’s why I’m offering a 30-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that you're going to have millions of dollars in business credit by the time your complete the program,  I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the program and that it will help you begin shifting into your "Big Business Persona".

Of course, If you’re not happy with the Program, I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.


What if I'm just starting out?
No worries, we love newbies.  As a matter of fact, I prefer that you start out with us because we will show you how to set up your business from the beginning to be optimized for building business credit.  We provide several start-up resources inside of the course, including the best ways to file your corporation or LLC. We even offer a business starter pack that you can purchase separately to get everything you need to start off on the right foot!

What if I have bad personal credit, can I still use your credit vendors for my business?
Absolutely! Big businesses don't have to use their personal credit to get funding and I'm going to give you the basis to start building your big business credit profile to start getting the funding you need to grow your business

What if The Credibility Project doesn't apply to my business?
The truth is that if you have a business, it needs to be credible! If not, you're missing out on so many opportunities to attract new clients, get the funding you need for your business, and attract potential investors. No matter what stage of business you are in, this course has plenty of nuggets to help you set a solid foundation of business credibility, business funding, and business growth.

Ok, but how does it work?
I'm going to give you a simplified process of how to setup your credible business foundation and shift from thinking, acting, and looking like a small business to becoming a bonafide big business entity. Using my WWABBD? methodology, you'll learn how to use business credit to shift your cash flow and reinvest into your business smartly to GROW.
I'm really busy, what if i just don't have time?
The Credibility project is on-demand course, meaning you can complete your course modules whenever it is convenient for you. Once you join, you'll get immediate access to our course portal.  You have lifetime access to the course portal and are able to go back to the modules and the resources however often you need.

Okay, but what if this isn't for me, I'm tired of spending my hard-earned cash on fluff and b.s.
Not to worry.  You literally have nothing to lose.  While we know this course is amazing and gets business owners like you amazing results.  We also stand by what we create and are not in the business of holding on to anyone's money.  You have a 100% money back guarantee. 
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